Hawaii freelance writer with a penchant for writing non-fiction creatively.

How to Separate Your Work from Your Worth

Tweet The deeper you get into your work, the harder it is to separate your self from what you’re working on. You’ll notice that the more passionate, the more involved you are, the more the deep dark stuff of your unconscious seeps out. It’s easier to live life on the surface. That way when rejection…

Not Quite Author

Tweet I can’t claim the title, “author,” yet, but there are books out there that feature my writing. I’ve assisted Dr. Bradley Willcox of The Okinawa Diet Plan, my Psych Central was mentioned in Living with Eating Disorders, one of my Tweets was in Tiny Buddha and now in Untangle Your Mind: A Pathway to Love, author Marty…

Marketing at Miraval

Tweet I had an amazing week at Miraval spa for my birthday. I got everything I wanted and more. One of the surprising gifts I left with, however, was a unplanned, unintentional lesson in marketing. During one of the lovely event dinners, I was introduced to two memorable people. One was the host, and the…

How to Persevere Through Rejections

Tweet If you’re suffering through a field of rejections, keep reading… It took awhile, but eventually I found a pace, my zone, an ability to actually push through my anxiety and create articles I was proud of. But more importantly, got paid for. That was a great feeling, but I didn’t sit in my laurels for long…

Wellness Tips for Busy People

Tweet It’s pretty cool when your article gets Instagrammed. #Monday morning emails be like… | Story: “An Unconventional Guide to Wellness” by Brandi-Ann Uyemura” | Illustration by @cbphilpot | #HIBiz A post shared by Hawaii Business Magazine (@hawaiibusinessmagazine) on May 8, 2017 at 11:55am PDT

Creative Prompts to Get You Unstuck

Tweet It’s normal to hit a creative block. What has helped me is reading. In my latest article for Spirituality & Health, I share my favorite questions from authors that prompt me to rethink my current creative problem. You can read the article entitled 8 Writing Prompts Inspired by Your Favorite Books here.

Updates in the New Year

Tweet Hi fellow writers! So far 2017 started with a lot of hustle and bustle, and recovery from illness, which has left me nil time to write. I still have hope for the new year, however. The end of 2016 was filled with a lot of exciting things. One of my stories on Ikea in…

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