DinnerI had an amazing week at Miraval spa for my birthday. I got everything I wanted and more. One of the surprising gifts I left with, however, was a unplanned, unintentional lesson in marketing.

During one of the lovely event dinners, I was introduced to two memorable people. One was the host, and the other was a fellow guest. While the topic was communication in digital world, I was most intrigued by their marketing styles.

Both were clearly successful and accomplished. Both shared relevant information that was helpful for everyone at the table. But I left with a desire to contact just one following my stay.

While the host did a great job of communicating research, examples and was well-prepared for the discussion, I was naturally drawn to the guest.

The host shared her upcoming book title, chapters and when it would be finished. The guest continually jumped in offering solutions, and answers to everyone’s individual problems.

It was the guest’s desire to help that made her so desirable. After the dinner, me and a CEO of a company asked for her contact info.

That’s a valuable lesson I took away from the event.

If you want to be sticky, if you want to stay in the mind’s of potential clients and customers, provide valuable information. Don’t ask what they can do for you, ask what you can do for them.

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