I only discovered it recently. But I’m more apt to write in a crazy fit of inspiration if I’m accompanied by lots of people talking in a crowded room, the smell of coffee wafting in around me and settling on my clothes, and in the rim of a nice, comfy, worn out cheeks indented chair.

That and a working vintage typewriter. I scored one recently at a flea market. I got there late with only 20 minutes to spare and saw it sitting pretty amongst dusty vases, non-affordable credenzas and chotskies I would never buy. I’ve been secretly drooling over antique typewriters for a long time now.

I’ve stalked them in Portland. Like this sweet guy for $45.

And this one with the cool circular letters for $99!

Vintage typewriter

There was a few funky ones that I took with so much excitement that I kind of jiggled the camera, which explains the blur.


But I just never thought I’d own one. So I pinned them instead.

Then, I went to that flea market and saw one I fell in love with. Maybe it was the time pressure or the fact that it was 50% off and that the nice lady gave me additional 10, but this time I gave into my writerly fetish and finally purchased my own vintage typewriter.

Since I’ve gotten it, I’ve been as obsessed as a kid with a new toy. Really. I can’t stop playing with it. Fortunately, it’s also inspired a few scenes in a story I’m working on. Although it’s slower, bulkier and more inconvenient than my efficient laptop, it makes writing so fun. I absolutely love the sound of the keys as I type and the ding that (still works) to let me know I’m almost hitting the end of the page. It’s inspiring me to keep writing. I also recovered the case (which you can kind of see here and which I’m gonna share more about later on my crafty blog The Inspiring Bee).


But what about you guys?

What writing tools are musts for you? What helps you keep writing when you’re feeling writer’s block?

3 Replies to “Must-Have Writing Tools: The Things You Can’t Write Without”

  1. Great score on the typewriter, Brandi :) I was in Asheville, NC over New Year’s and saw several (in really great condition!) at an antique shop along the street.

    As for the question: If I’m in the actual midst of writing and writer’s block hits, sometimes taking a mental step back, turning on some music (with the same kind of “feel” as the story I’m writing), and just sitting there trying to “reconnect” helps. SOMETIMES. Haha :)

  2. Hi Alicia! Aw lucky. I wish I could have been there to see it. I love browsing through antique shops. There isn’t too many where I live, but I did get to walk into a few in Petaluma, California recently.

    Love your tips for beating writer’s block! In fact, I’m going to try it as I’m stuck in the middle of a story I’m working on now. Thanks!

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