Writing With Kids

Tweet I often tell friends it’s harder and better than people say. I was talking about parenting, but it also applies to writing. Last night, my two-year old son was up multiple times with a nervously high fever. When your baby’s sick, everything else goes out the window. But on a day to day basis, […]

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The Difference Between Fiction and Nonfiction

Tweet If you ask me what the difference between fiction and nonfiction is, I’d say, “apples and oranges.” And to most writers, that’s a given. For people who don’t write professionally, however, words are words whether they’re made up or based on fact. There’s an art about each. And both have their challenges. For me […]

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The Courage in Vulnerability

Tweet Brené Brown is an expert on everything related to vulnerability. I’ve taken two of her online courses and listened to her SoundsTrue podcast recently. I’m admittedly a big huge fan. Perhaps, it’s because I’m all too familiar with shame. It sits on my shoulder every time I publish a post, conduct a workshop/meetup or submit my […]

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An Easy Way to Sharpen Your Fiction

Tweet Since I’ve become a SCBWI member (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators), I’ve learned a lot of ways to beef up my fiction. An easy way I just read about in our recent Bulletin, is to read your story aloud in front of a mirror, to a loved one or a crowd of […]

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The Truth About Failure

Tweet I had it again. It’s a reoccurring dream where I’m still in high school. The dream haunts me because I’m stuck there, unable to take the necessary courses and get the required grades to move on. Although the situation is different, the emotion is the same. FEAR. It’s the emotion that prevents me from […]

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