The Truth About Failure

Tweet I had it again. It’s a reoccurring dream where I’m still in high school. The dream haunts me because I’m stuck there, unable to take the necessary courses and get the required grades to move on. Although the situation is different, the emotion is the same. FEAR. It’s the emotion that prevents me from […]

Why I Write

Tweet It’s taken me years to curate enough courage to admit the secret I’ve always known. It was evident in my early obsessions-well-worn books, hardcovers and paperbacks causing a backpack strap indention in my shoulders. It explained why I begged my grandmother for a typewriter and ripped away the crisp holiday paper as if there […]

Expert Tips from Barbara Walters: 3 Ways to Interview Better

Tweet Nonfiction writers can glean insight from Barbara Walters advice on Oprah’s Master Class. After years of interviewing celebrities and past presidents, she shares a few of her inside secrets for a successful interview. Curiosity. Curiosity may have killed the cat. But it makes an interviewer’s career. Walters says, “I think that the interviewer/correspondent should have curiosity. If […]

Why You Write

Tweet Writing is a choice. It takes effort to sit your butt on your chair every day. It takes courage to move pass bricks and blocks and superficialities and safe talk. It takes a phenomenal amount of patience to wait for a response. You need a healthy dose of self-esteem to endure the inevitable onslaught […]