flickr photo by thekeithhall

Here’s a quick tip if you’re feeling stuck on how to market your product or create product descriptions with Wow!

Read print catalogs.

I have a secret. Not even my husband knows about this one.

I devour Victoria Secret’s catalogues, but he thinks it’s for the clothes (although they have great stuff in there!). But I read it for the copy. Whoever writes their copy is genius! These use few words, but the ones they use are compelling, engaging and fun. All things you want to use to sell your stuff (or other’s stuff) right? Things like, “jungle boogie” to describe animal prints shoes or “good day, sundress,” to play on lyrics to an old song. “Bags to differ” even works, cause it’s a nice play on words and it’s fun.

Maybe the style won’t fit everyone. But it will definitely get your copywriting juices flowing.

What about you?

What gets you in the mood for creative writing? Are fiction books your thing? Commercials? Reading other people’s insanely to die for copy? Share the goods here please.

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