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Having a full-time freelance writing career can wreak havoc on your soul, not to mention your wallet. Why? Well the latter is obvious. But for many people who are not in it, us creative artistic types tend to sway towards low self-esteem. It’s a given since most of us are born sensitive and tend to grow up in families who are less than enthusiastic about our dream of being an artist for a living.

But if you want to have a long-term career in an artistic field, you need to get beyond the ups and downs of your creative pursuits. People will love and hate your work. Basing your worth and value on their feedback will make you a little crazy. Depending on constant feedback will drive your editors a little crazy.

How do you do it?

While you’re waiting to hear back about a pitch, or feedback from a client try the following easy distracting tips:

1. Work on another project.

2. Go for a walk.

3. Watch mindless TV.

4. Meditate.

5. Read up on a new topic.

6. Practice self-kindness. (Repeat after me: “It’s okay if they don’t like me, I still like me..”)

7. Get lost in a novel.

8. Spend a few minutes playing a time-sucking game and enjoy it.

9. Cook a new dish.

10. Phase out in nature. [Ocean, trees, the dirt beneath your feet.]

11. Call up your cheerleading friend for a boost to your wounded ego.

12. Reread or write in your gratitude journal.

13. Love on a pet.

14. Watch a comedy.

15. Spend time with the very young or the old.

17. Savor a cup of tea.

18. Reread old encouraging and past positive feedback.

19. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers.

20. Do research on an organization you would like to help through volunteerism or donation.

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