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Would you eat at a restaurant called, “Saucy Balls?” That’s what America’s Next Great Fast Food Restaurant hosts Bobby Flay, Curtis Stone, Steve Ells and Lorena Garcia are deciding. A new reality show on NBC is taking fast food restaurants to a whole other level as the four hosts attempt to choose the right person and idea to invest in.

What does fast food have to do with writing?

My husband and I cracked up at the name, “Saucy Balls,” a restaurant idea that’s hoping to serve us pasta and meatballs.

But I have to admit that in a sea of sameness, “Saucy Balls” do stand out.

These days we’re all going against some tough competition. I started blogging here over a year ago and at the time, I blogged on everything from what makes a successful blogger to how to have a successful writer-client relationship.

But then everyone else had already done it. And more and more writing bloggers started popping up out of the woodwork.

Then, I got sick. And then I started to wonder how relevant my writing was. I didn’t want to just blog to blog. I wanted my words to mean something. That’s how I started writing my GMDL (Get More Doing Less Challenge). And why I haven’t been consistently writing here.

While I believe in writing daily for practice, I also see the importance in producing something meaningful and unique out in the world.

There are enough similarities and generic articles out there.

Just Do It!

I hope you’ll stand tall, risk big and do something as crazy as naming your business, “Saucy Balls.”

Do it, if you believe in it.

Do it, if you feel that contributing something amazing to the blogosphere.

Do it, because you care about producing unique content and about your readers.

Don’t be afraid to be your own person.

Oprah Winfrey said, “The way you step up your game is never to try to do what anybody else is doing, but you intensify whatever it is you’re doing. Become more of yourself.”

Be adventurous my fellow writers/entrepreneurs. Venture outside your comfort zone by being more of who you truly are. Have the guts to give your business all the attention and gusto it deserves.

Be your own saucy balls hero!

4 Replies to “Saucy Balls”

  1. Lol! I think you’re right. It’s a funny visual isn’t it? I still can’t tell if it’s the greatest idea ever or the silliest. Either way it’s got my attention!

  2. Just do what you have a passion to do and let the chips (or balls) fall where they may!

    I confess that I LOVED the name Saucy Balls, and so did the judges. Then a few started to complain and the judges got nervous. You have to believe in your vision so strong that others negative comments do not pull you off your path because there will ALWAYS be others that have something negative to say.
    Kathryn Lang recently posted..Answers for Full-time Freelance Writing

  3. Love this Kathryn: “Just do what you have a passion to do and let the chips (or balls) fall where they may!” =)

    You must be a fan of the show too! I definitely think there is wisdom in following your own path and watching someone have so much strength and conviction in something so ballsy (lol couldn’t resist) is very inspiring.

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