“What a nice surprise I got on Christmas Eve when my Rabbit USA magazine was delivered. I want to thank you so much for asking me to do this article. I was so impressed at the way it turned out.”

-Donna Jensen, 20-year volunteer with the House Rabbit
Society and Burrow Inn

“Brandi helped me work through what I needed to include in my website. With her guidance and insightful listening skills, I was able to clarify my ideas, recognize relevant themes and recognize my own passions in a way I couldn’t have accomplished without her help.”

-Sue Mitchell, Your Business, Your Self

“Brandi is a Rock Star! Here duties were to schedule a team of 3 people to bring LLS into the community. Not only was she organized, on-target, she worked with little or no supervision. We explained her role in our Light The Night Walk and she took it and delivered. She was directly responsible for growing our program in the San Jose area by 50%.” May 14, 2008

-Margie Boyce, Manager, Special Events, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
managed Brandi-Ann at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

“Brandi worked as my research assistant for three years while she studied for her master’s degree at Santa Clara University. She did an outstanding job. Brandi has excellent writing skills, she is highly intelligent and creative, and she is exceptionally responsible and hardworking. Furthermore, Brandi has a wonderful warm and open personality, great communication skills, and impeccable ethics.” November 5, 2007

-Elsa Chen, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of Public Sector Studies, Santa Clara University
managed Brandi-Ann at Santa Clara University

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