Is inspiration really that important to your writing?

If you read my other blog, The Inspiring Bee, you can probably guess what I think.

But I might be alone in my thoughts. I just wrote an article for The Writer magazine with quotes from a handful of writers I admire on why inspiration may not be necessary to get writing. In fact, they list at least three reasons why you may be wasting your time if you’re waiting for inspiration to strike.

What do you think?

Does inspiration help your writing soar or is simply an excuse to procrastinate?


2 Replies to “The Importance of Inspiration to Your Writing”

  1. Hmm…interesting question – kind of like the chicken or the egg. :-)

    I guess if you are waiting for inspiration to hit and a deadline is looming, you might have to plow ahead, I would love to read your article at The Writer. Could you share a link?

    I have an ongoing gig for a client for a trade publication. It’s the same topic – wellness, but I always look for inspiration to create analogies or something the reader can relate to. I think it is more effective at delivering the message. There are times when I struggle for the right analogy, but usually it comes pretty easily.

    What I am continually inspired by is a client’s passion. If that is missing, it is tougher to deliver a convincing article. So I use their inspiration to inspire me – maybe that’s the lazy approach. :-)

  2. Hi Cathy! Here is the link:

    I love what you said about inspiration helping you to deliver a message more effectively. I’m working on an upcoming article and would love to use it. Will email you. Thanks Cathy!

    Oh and I don’t think it’s a lazy approach. I think inspiration is definitely catchy. =)

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