{Etsy journal by CraftColorfully}
{Etsy journal by CraftColorfully}

What you write is worth the effort.

Even if it never gets published. Anywhere.

Even if not a single person lays their eyes upon it.

Even if no one emails you, calls you or messages you that it’s the best thing they’ve ever written.

It’s worth it even if it’s the worst thing you’ve ever wrote.

Even if it follows hundreds of rejection slips.

Even if it’s tucked in a drawer, never leaves your computer or your laptop.

It’s worth it simply for the act of writing itself.

Let your words write itself. Don’t judge it. Don’t tear it apart. Don’t pull at it the way you would a loose thread which would unravel the whole quilt before it’s even complete.

It’s worth it because all writing is a work-in-progress.

Respect your words. Let it be the unfinished canvas. Love it for what it is though it may not buy you fame, wealth, or prestige. It will buy you practice. It will give you confidence. If you let it be, one day you will understand its purpose.

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