I have a BA in English and a MA in Counseling Psychology. I used to be a therapist. Now I like to say I counsel clients on the written word.

My love for writing started early. At age 7, I thought I was a poet. At age 17, I received a Nissan Journalism Scholarship award. But it’s only after getting published by Blue Mountain Arts and winning a poetry award from OnceWritten.com that I thought, “Maybe, just maybe, I could do this for a living.”

Since then, my articles have been published in both local and regional publications such as Spirituality & Health, Whole Life TimesPacific Edge, HawaiiBusiness, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, and Waikiki. My work has been in Blue Mountain Arts and soon to be on an American Greetings card. I’m a former columnist for The Writer. Current associate editor forPsych Central. I’m always adding new clips to my portfolio.

I write about a variety of topics from small businesses to mental health and everything in between. The thread that ties them is my passion to inspire others through insight, empowerment and motivation.

You’ll find my writerly musings here. It’s a little bit of writing resources, helpful info and a way to reach out to other writers and those interested in hiring a writer. My real mission is to spread hope, positivity, and encouragement in the world through the written word. So expect a sprinkle of self-help/psychology, spirituality and creativity here and there. If you’re looking for inspiration on writing, creativity or motivation to follow your dreams, you found your tribe. If anything you see here resonates with you, drop me an email (bauyemura at gmail dot com), or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest. I’m always open and excited about meeting like-minded folks.



  • Jan

    I am reading the current “O” mag and if you are the Brandi-Ann on page 20, I’d just like to say that your wish for a superpower that would allow you to respond to any situation with complete compassion had me saying “YES”, that’s the one I have been looking for also. Thanks for putting it so beautifully.

  • buyemura

    Hi Jen! Wow how did you find it so fast? I didn’t get a copy, but looking forward to seeing the January issue. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and for finding me!

  • Stephanie

    I also just was reading the current “O” magazine and felt compelled to comment about your answer to the Superpower…. That was the answer for me and all time…. thank you so much!!!!

  • Brandi

    Thank you Stephanie! Never got such a response from something so short that I did. But I get it! Learning to be compassionate is something we all need to be reminded of…especially me. Thanks so much for taking the time to remind me of that. ~Sincerely, Brandi

  • Jessica Lyn Humrich

    Your posts about writing are so encouraging! Thank you! I am currently trying to become a full time free lance writer and there have been times of doubt but your posts have encouraged me to get started again!

  • buyemura

    It’s so nice to get comments like yours! I’m so happy that my posts are encouraging you. Good luck in your pursuit as a freelance writer. If you need more motivation, I also write a blog to inspire others to pursue their dreams at http://TheInspiringBee.com. Thanks again Jessica!

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