Your Money Maker: The Money Pile You’re Sitting On

I found about a couple of hundred dollars on my laptop.

What I discovered while scrolling through my past documents were raw and unpublished essays, poems, and articles. Some were there because I submitted them once and after a single rejection, completely abandoned it. Others were unfinished.

I realized after further inspection that what I had was a treasure trove of potential. Some pieces only required a little TLC in order to become publishable.

How about you?

Have you taken a look at your old documents lately?

Could they been dusted off, reworked, re-envisioned and resubmitted?

After spending time looking for different markets, I was able to find homes for many of my previously rejected essays. If I kept them there, I would have lost the money and opportunity to be published.

Have you recently published worked that was previously rejected? Tell me your success story.

Also, I’m excited to announce a new service. If you’re wondering if writing is a career you’d like to pursue, this might be for you. I’m currently selecting a few people to coach with for a free hour hour coaching session, plus a extremely discounted rate for 2017. You can email me a and read more about it here.

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