{Secret Sauce by trixieandmilo}
{Secret Sauce by trixieandmilo}

I’m pretty sure you’re going to be disappointed when you read this.


Because the title made you think you’re getting the answer to quick, fast, and easy success.

I’m going to be honest with you.

Although books and blogs like to sell you sexy solutions, the truth is it’s all a marketing ploy to nab your cash.

I know because I fell for it too.

Truthfully, just like there’s no secret to holiday weight loss, there’s no secret to doing well in freelance writing.

Here’s the bottom line:

You want to do well?

You need to leave an imprint on your seat to do it.

Hard work. Time. Energy. That’s the difficult truth.

Just like there’s no real pill to lose weight, (there’s only that hard pill to swallow that it takes exercise and good diet), the only way to a bustling freelance writing business is to work hard.

You need to confront those demons, face those fears, write, write and write again.

That’s it people.

You don’t need to subscribe to a program, add a certain type of text, update your social media sites at certain times of day or buy a book to know that. Those things help. They are the go-to resources to get you started. But rely solely on those things and you will have a lot of good resources collecting dust on your shelf.

Do the work. Get the jobs!

That’s it.

That’s the secret.

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  • Jessica McCann

    Great post, Brandi-Ann. As a full-time freelancer since 1998, I completely agree with your “secret” formula to freelance success. I know so many people who decided to freelance after getting laid off from a job or because they thought it would be easy; and then they got discouraged and gave up within six months. Freelancing can be wonderful, but it can’t be taken lightly. It takes hard work, like you said, and more than a few months to get established. That sauce takes a long time to simmer and you have to pay close attention while it’s on the stove. 😉

  • buyemura

    Thanks Jessica! Lol. Love this: “That sauce takes a long time to sinner and you have to pay close attention while it’s on the stove.” Best comment yet!

  • That’s telling it like it is, Brandi.While I have never fallen for the earn six figures in 4 hours per month deal,,Lord knows I’ve nibbled on a book or course that enticed like a Photoshopped image on Pinterest, but only left a sour taste in my mouth.

  • buyemura

    I fell for them hard. A lighter wallet later and experience under my belt has taught me the hard way. Thanks for the comment Cathy!

  • So true! I think that part of freelancing is also being able to self-teach. You just kind of have to learn yourself! Great post!

  • buyemura

    Thanks Emily! =) And thanks for summing up my post in a single sentence-teaching yourself is key. Sometimes we hold onto all those resources cause that’s what scares us most.

  • Simple as what I thought, thanks! I want to add one more thing – what we sow is what we surely reap. I mean, if they gained our service loyally, we also gained trust and respect from them. These are good tips, cheers!

  • buyemura

    Thanks for your comment Dorothy! Yes over time when we show we’re consistently dependable and deliver good work, we’re more apt to increase our total clientele, gaining new ones and keeping loyal ones.

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